Movement – Introduction

For our second project, we have been asked to invent a new movement and create a 4D promotional video which must move. To begin with I was slightly scared with the idea that we had to invent our own movements and many artistic movements were created to impact change within the world so there was a feeling that movements were more on the serious side, whereas we have been challenged to create a bizarre and new concept. Also knowing research will be more challenging with this project as it hasn’t been done before so research I believe will mainly be contextual for this project and more as a vague help guid.

My idea is something I relate to on a personal level. The idea of Rabbits being seen as gods and humans worshiping them. Being a bunny parent myself I know how much care and attention rabbits like and also being a part of a facebook group, its not just me who worships their rabbits, so whereas we do it in a sense of love, I wanted to demonstrate a similar idea but change it to create a new religion.

when creating this new religion I do not want to cause offence as religion is such a personal thing and my idea is a ‘spoof religion’. To ensure this I will mainly take the religious research and inspiration from greek mythology as I believe it’s more playful and not as serious as christianity for example.

To begin with I have created a moodboard with different ideas and concepts which I find inspirational and educational for my movement creation.


Image references;


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